Alfred Taubman, Inventor of Indoor Shopping Malls, Dies at 91

Alfred Taubman, a real estate developer who invented the concept of indoor suburban shopping malls, has died at 91.

His son, Robert Taubman, the chairman of his father’s company, shared the news on Friday.

“He was so proud of what this wonderful company he founded 65 years ago has accomplished,” Robert Taubman said in a message to the company’s employees. “Tonight, after dinner in his home, a heart attack took him from us, ending what was a full, extraordinary life that touched so many people in so many wonderful ways around the world.”

Alfred Taubman was born to German …

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Celebrate Record Store Day With Exclusive Vinyl Releases

It’s time to celebrate vinyl.

Saturday is Record Store Day, an annual event that promotes independent record stores. Participating record stores across the world sell a limited supply of records released just for the day.

This year’s selection of 400 exclusive releases include David Bowie’s “Changes,” Bob Dylan’s “The Night We Called It a Day” and “15 Everly Hits” from The Everly Brothers.

Jeff Harrigfeld, co-owner of The Woodstock Music Shop in Woodstock, N.Y. said people were already lining up in front of the store before it opened at 9 a.m., with the first customer showing up at 5:30 a.m. …

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China’s Economy Is Surging 7% — but Everyone Thinks That’s Too Slow

TAIPEI, Taiwan (TheStreet) — Only in China would a 7% growth rate be considered a major economic slowdown.
Most countries would be thrilled to have such a robust economy. And if the U.S. economy were expanding at anywhere near that level — its GDP grew just 2.4% last year — the Federal Reserve would already be raising interest rates.
Must Read: Warren Buffett’s Top 10 Dividend StocksBut in China, which has the world’s second-biggest economy after that of the U.S., a 7% growth rate during the first quarter is cause for worry. Until 2011, the economy had been expanding at …

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Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Looking for Answers on Income Inequality

Income inequality is clearly going to be the key economic rallying issue of the 2016 presidential campaign. If you have any doubt, consider that both Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio, who declared their candidacies over the last week, are already speaking out about their positions on the issue. Clinton billed herself as the candidate for the “everyday Americans,” criticizing CEOs’ swollen salaries. She also tweeted: “Every American deserves a fair shot at success. Fast food & child care workers shouldn’t have to march in the streets for living wages.” Meanwhile, Rubio told NPR he wants the …

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Verizon Will Let You Get Cable Without ESPN

Verizon is trying to upend the traditional pay-TV model by letting its customers have more control over exactly which channels they purchase.

The telco giant, which serves about 5 million pay-TV customers through its FiOS fiber-optic service, will begin selling a slimmed-down channel package on Sunday. Customers start with a basic package of channels like ABC, Fox, CNN and more. They can then add genre-specific “channel packs,” including a sports pack featuring ESPN, a kids pack featuring Nickelodeon and an entertainment pack featuring TNT, among others.

The basic plan will cost $55 for the mandatory channels (about 35 …

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