How to Get Free 7-Eleven Coffee for a Week

If the fleeting nature of National Coffee Day makes you sad, you’re in luck: 7-Eleven has just announced a week-long coffee giveaway from October 12 through 17.

To get your seven-day coffee fix—gratis—just download the 7-Eleven app on your smartphone and register with your name and email address.

Then, starting October 12, go into a 7-Eleven, open the app and go to the “Scan and Save” section. You’ll see a coupon code there for a “free hot beverage” that the barista can scan; a new code will appear each day for the week and you can get any size …

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How a LinkedIn Exec Holds Successful Meetings

In most instances, meeting with a colleague over dinner or lunch provides a way to speak casually without the rigid feel of an office environment. There usually isn’t an agenda or bulleted list of points that need covering.

But that’s not the case for LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. Each time the LinkedIn executive chairman meets with someone over a meal, he makes a list of the things he wants to talk about. He then asks the person joining him to come up with their own list as well.

“Hoffman tries to begin all meals with a ritual in which both …

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Mortgage Rates Fall on Concerns Over Labor Market

U.S. mortgage rates took a tumble this week following a weak September jobs report. According to Freddie Mac, the average rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage fell from 3.85% last week to 3.76% this week. 15-year mortgage rates fell from 3.07% to 2.99% during the same period.

Rates are now considerably lower than the same period a year ago, when the 30-year rate was 4.19%. 30-year mortgage rates rates have been below 4% for 11 straight weeks.

On Friday the Labor Department said that the U.S. economy only added 142,000 jobs in September, well below the pace set in

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3 Ways Steve Jobs Made His Meetings Extremely Productive

American businesses lose an estimated $37 billion a year due to meeting mistakes.

Steve Jobs made sure that Apple wasn’t one of those companies.

Here are three ways the iconic CEO made meetings super productive.

1. He kept meetings as small as possible

In his book “Insanely Simple,” longtime Jobs collaborator Ken Segall detailed what it was like to work with him.

In one story, Jobs was about to start a weekly meeting with Apple’s ad agency.

Then Jobs spotted someone new.

“He stopped cold,” Segall writes. “His eyes locked on to the one thing in …

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Gun Sales Set a Record High For the Fifth Month in a Row

The FBI conducted 1,795,102 firearm background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in September, suggesting gun sales were at an all-time high that month.

The number of background checks represents a new record, up more than 20% from the previous September high set in 2012, when 1,459,363 background checks were conducted.

September is also the fifth month in a row to set a record for background checks. May, June, July, and August all saw record numbers.

The number of checks done in a particular month is generally seen as a proxy for how many guns were …

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