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Here’s How Snapchat Might Be Beating Facebook

Snapchat users are gobbling up more and more new videos on the social media app every day, the company says.

How many? Oh, just 10 billion a day, Snapchat tells Bloomberg.

That’s an impressive growth streak for the company that started out as a simple way to share disappearing selfies with friends.

Snapchat had less than half that video traffic a year ago: The company had about 4 billion video views a day in April of last year (as the Financial Times reported), a number that jumped to 6 billion in November, and then 8 billion in February

How Ignoring the Stock Market Drop Paid Off for Retirement Investors

For anyone saving for retirement in a 401(k) or IRA, this past quarter delivered an important lesson in the value of shutting out daily market news and staying the course.

If you’ll remember, the year got off to a rough start, with the stock market dropping 10%. But by mid-February stocks had rebounded, and since then the market has made back all the ground it lost early in the year. Anyone who held tight through the volatility or, even better, kept contributing to their 401(k) on a regular basis finished the quarter with gains.

Not everyone held on, of course, …

There’s a Massive Company Hidden Inside Amazon

Amazon shares are up over 12% in after-hours trading Thursday after the Seattle-based firm’s first quarter results easily beat expectations.

Amazon reported net income of $1.07 per share on $29.1 billion in revenue for the quarter. Analysts polled by Thompson Reuters were looking for earnings of $.58 a share on $27.98 billion in revenue, per CNBC.

One of the brightest spots in Amazon’s earnings report is its growing cloud business. Amazon is most widely known as an online retail business—albeit one bolstered by devices like the Kindle e-reader and Alexa-powered …

Why Carl Icahn Dumped His Apple Stock

Billionaire investor and previously prominent Apple shareholder Carl Icahn said on Thursday that he no longer holds stock in the iPhone maker, blaming China’s antagonistic position toward the company for his exit from the stock.

“We no longer have a position in Apple,” Icahn told CNBC, cautioning that he still sees the tech giant as a “great company” and that CEO Tim Cook is “doing a great job.” The activist investor, who previously held a little less than 1% of Apple outstanding shares, told the network that China’s rocky relationship with Apple was the reason for his move.

“You …

Oregon ‘Cannabis Campus’ Lets Tourists See How Their Weed is Made

Oregon’s first cannabis campus has opened in hopes of blazing a trail to the state becoming the definitive marijuana destination.

At the 30,000-sq-ft Chalice Farms headquarters and campus in Portland, visitors can see how the marijuana is grown and prepared for sale on the premises. Edibles are made in the kitchen, and extra cannabis can be stored in a vault, Portland’s KATU2 reports.

Dispensaries elsewhere, such as Washington, don’t allow marijuana to be grown, prepared and sold in the same place. Owner William Simpson said this winery or brewery-like setup can make Oregon a pot destination.

“They’re going to stop …